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How to make body bleach at home-DIY

How to make body bleach at home-DIY This post is on how to make body bleach at home-diy.You can use this to bleach your whole body(your legs,your hands,your stomach,your back etc.)except your face.It is a very easy and cheap method of bleaching your body.When I got married I got my bridal package done from VLCC…

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How to Still Eat Healthy While Eating Out

Toady’s article is on how to still eat healthy while eating out.In today’s world everyone has become so conscious of their health ,their looks,everyone has joined some gym or goes for yoga classes or dance classes like zumba to stay fit and to be in shape. The first thing that comes to our mind when…

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Are Facials Really Necessary???

Hey guys,today’s article is on a very debatable topic that is,are facials really necessary or not.In my friend circle there is an ongoing debate about whether or not facials are worth the hype and the craze.Some girls love them and have regular scheduled appointments at various spas and salons.They talk about the relaxing experience,the deep…

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