Forest Essentials Luxury Sugar Soap Bengal Tuberose Review

Forest Essentials Luxury Sugar Soap Bengal Tuberose Review

Hello guys,

In my February edition of the Envy Box I had received the Forest Essentials Luxury Sugar Soap Bengal Tuberose. I had not tried a natural soap since a long time so I was pretty excited to try it out.

Company Description:

Forest Essentials Luxury Sugar Soap Bengal Tuberose Review

Authentic Ayurvedic Formulation:

These soaps are made by hand using the old fashioned cold compress. Our clear sugar soaps are made with pure unprocessed Raw Cane Sugar which is a natural humectant and helps to retain moisture in the skin.

This Bengal Tuberose Luxury Soap is clear transparent soap with organic cane sugar, and adds natural oils to your skin. Apart from gently cleansing your skin, it helps to keep it soft and hydrated. The lingering scent of fresh Tuberose flowers leaves the skin soft and lightly scented. It is a harmonizing fragrance which uplifts the senses.

Price of the Forest Essentials Luxury Sugar Soap Bengal Tuberose:

Rs. 475 for 125 grams.

I received a 50 gram sample soap.

Packaging of the Forest Essentials Luxury Sugar Soap Bengal Tuberose:

The soap comes in a simple brown paper packaging. Nothing great about the packaging.

Forest Essentials Luxury Sugar Soap Bengal Tuberose Review

Where to buy Forest Essentials Luxury Sugar Soap Bengal Tuberose from?

You can buy it from the Forest Essentials official website HERE. They also have stores in all metro cities so you can buy it directly from their stores too.

Ingredients of the Forest Essentials Luxury Sugar Soap Bengal Tuberose:

Forest Essentials Luxury Sugar Soap Bengal Tuberose Review

My Experience with the Forest Essentials Luxury Sugar Soap Bengal Tuberose:

I used this soap around 3 months back and I completely forgot to review it. Yesterday while going through some of the pictures on my laptop I saw these soap pictures so I thought of reviewing it today for you guys.It’s been quite a while since I used a luxury all natural soap so I was really excited to try this one out. This is the first soap that I have tried from Forest Essentials and I must say that one has really impressed me. Forest Essentials products never fail to impress me, they are really so good.

Forest Essentials Luxury Sugar Soap Bengal Tuberose Review

The soap is translucent and is square in shape. It is a beautiful bright sunset orange coloured soap bar. The soap lathers really well and cleans my skin without drying it out. It does not give me that scratchy or stretched out feeling after a shower. It is a very mild soap and does not rip off the natural moisture out  of my dry skin.

This soap is so heavenly smelling, I really can’t explain to you in words how it smells but it is a very soothing smell to the senses. It is a very natural smelling soap. This soap is naturally scented with tuberose essential oil. This soap smells like fresh Rajnigandha flower, nothing artificial or over powering, a very subtle smell which uplifts your mood. The smell of the soap lingers on my skin and in my bathroom for some time. It gives me a very fresh and awake feeling. This soap has a tendency to melt away very quickly so do remember to keep it in a dry place or in a dry soap dish post usage otherwise it is not going to last for a long time.

I am really blown away with the quality of this soap but for a 125 gm soap bar Rs.475 is a lot of money, I’d rather spend on shower gel as it is going to last me for a comparatively longer duration. Nevertheless it is a really nice option if you want to try a natural soap inspite of the high price tag. I really like this soap and I will be trying some other variants from Forest Essentials.

Forest Essentials Luxury Sugar Soap Bengal Tuberose Review

Pros of the Forest Essentials Luxury Sugar Soap Bengal Tuberose:

  • An all natural soap.
  • Lathers well.
  • Amazingly smelling soap.
  • Cleans my skin.
  • Does not dry out my skin.
  • Gives a very refreshed feeling.

Cons of the Forest Essentials Luxury Sugar Soap Bengal Tuberose:

  • Expensive.
  • Melts away really fast.

Rating of the Forest Essentials Luxury Sugar Soap Bengal Tuberose:

I would give it a 4.5/5.

Would I recommend the Forest Essentials Luxury Sugar Soap Bengal Tuberose to anyone?

I would highly recommend it to all those who are looking for a all natural great smelling soap and who can shell out Rs.475 on a 125 gram soap.

 Would I repurchase the Forest Essentials Luxury Sugar Soap Bengal Tuberose?

I would love to buy some other variants from Forest Essentials.

Until next time,


Forest Essentials Luxury Sugar Soap Bengal Tuberose Review

49 thoughts on “Forest Essentials Luxury Sugar Soap Bengal Tuberose Review

  1. The review was really great to read! The way you structured the post was so easy to read it! Also, I love forest essentials products! <3
    Personally I also add the "Do I recommend and Will I buy" headings because they really add a human touch to the reviews!
    Jane Vivian recently posted…How To Choose The Right Sunglasses For Your FaceMy Profile

    • Jabe I am glad that you liked my post.Thanks for your suggestion sweetheart,I will really keep that in mind.Thanks a ton darling.?

  2. Looks interesting. I should try this 🙂
    Ankita Miharia recently posted…How to Style a Wrap DressMy Profile

    • Ankita do try out these soaps, they are worth a try.

  3. Forest essentials products are known to be luxurious. Wish the price was lower for this soap. Well reviewed Yamini.
    safi recently posted…Giveaway Alert ! Win Ohcutebox July EditionMy Profile

    • Yeah Safi FE products are really luxurious. I too wish that these soaps were a bit reasonably priced. Thanks a lot dear.

  4. This soap sounds so tempting to me!!

    • Charu it certainly is a very tempting soap.

  5. Very nicely reviewed and this soap looks so lovely. Will definitely want to give it a try. Thanks for sharing hun 🙂

    • Thanks a lot Karishma.This soap is really worth a try.?

  6. Very expensive for the job it does! Nice review 🙂
    Sonali recently posted…Versatile Blogger Award Acceptance and NominationsMy Profile

    • Sonali it is really expensive for a soap to cost that much.Thanks a lot?

  7. Another soap from FE! wow.. BTW your finder nails are gorgeous!
    Ishita Ray recently posted…Spa Ceylon Lotus & Saffron Cleansing Bar Review| Yay or Nay?My Profile

    • Ishita this soap from FE is really amazing.Thanks a lit dear,my finger nails have really grown a lot since I started a nail care routine,it has really helped me a lot….?

  8. Your review has intrigued me to try and smell Bengal Tuberose now. Amazing review and Forest Essentials as a brand seldom disappoints.
    Sneha Sen recently posted…NYX High Definition Blush Bronzed ReviewMy Profile

    • Sneha FE products never disappoint me and this one lives upto its claims.You should definitely give it a try.

  9. Its indeed expensive for a soap!
    Megha recently posted…Fab Bag July 2016 UnboxingMy Profile

    • Agree with you on thia Megha.Really expensive for a soap to cost Rs475.

  10. Im a body wash person….need to try out this soap from FE (back of my mind just wishing, they had a body wash variant :P)
    thripti recently posted…Currently LovingMy Profile

    • Thripti I too am a body wash person,my favourites being from TBS.I too wish FE came up with their body wash instead.But this one is equally good.

  11. Forest essential products are worth drooling. would give it a try. nice review. 🙂
    Yogita recently posted…Neesh Pocket Perfumes ReviewMy Profile

    • Yogita FE products are really droolworthy.This one is no different.Thanks sweetie.?

  12. I loved the packaging. It’s really beautiful. Natural soaps rally attracts me. This one looks good. Nice review dear 🙂

    • Akansha this one is really impressive…Thanks a ton sweetheart.?

  13. i would love to try this… sounds nice. thanks for sharing… nice reviews
    shwetali recently posted…Garnier Ultra Blends Shampoo : Monsoon GiveawayMy Profile

    • Shwetali do try it out,it’s really good . Thanks dear.

  14. This all natural soap seems wortg trying but it’s expensive for a soap. Great review 🙂
    Mariyam recently posted…Luke Hydrogel Eye Patch for Wrinkles : ReviewMy Profile

    • Mariyam it is really expensive for a soap to cost that much but definitely worth a try.Thanks a ton sweetie.?

  15. I am also a great fan of FE products but spending Rs. 475 for a bath soap that melts away seems too too much. Like you said I’ll go for the shower gel from this range instead. I like the smell of Bengal Tuberose and your review is tempting me to get my hands on the range. Thanks for the review dear 🙂
    Taneesha recently posted…Shahnaz Husain Shasmooth Almond Under Eye Cream; ReviewMy Profile

    • Taneesha I wouldn’t really spend Rs.475 on a soap,I’ll rather buy a bottle of shower gel but this soap is damn tempting.I will definitely try some other soap variants from FE.I too love the smell of Bengal Tuberose.Thanks a ton sweetheart.?

  16. nice review i think it’s good one to try as it’s natural
    aiza recently posted…Easy Grilled cheese sandwich recipeMy Profile

    • Yeah Aiza it is a all natural soap so definitely worth a try.?

  17. I have never tried any FE product, would definitely like to try out this natural soap bar 🙂 It looks so beautiful <3 Great review Yamini.
    Anamika( NBAM) recently posted…Natural Bath & Body- O MY BAG Subscription Box,First Impression //JULY 2016My Profile

    • Anamika FE products never disappoint you and this soap is a must try.Thanks a lot sweetie…?

  18. This is expensive for a soap… 🙂 Loved the review..
    Anubhuti recently posted…The Body Shop Fragrance Mist White Musk Smokey Rose & Japanese Cherry Blossom Review : Video AlertMy Profile

    • Yeah Anubhuti,it is expensive.Thanks a lot sweet.?

  19. Sounds tempting but, for that price ahh may be if it did not melt away that soon I could have wanted to test it for once. Still intrigued babes 🙂
    Soumya Midhun recently posted…Couple to Parents – Relationship DynamicsMy Profile

    • Soumya it is tempting but yeah it really melts away quickly if left wet.Keep in in a dry place after application and it will last you a bit more.Thanks darling.?

  20. Nice reveiw(: … sounds delightful, all natural soup that smells lovely and won’t dry out your skin(:
    Maria recently posted…5 Homemade Face Packs For Dry And Rough SkinMy Profile

    • Maria this is an amazing natural soap, very mild on the skin.

  21. I am currently using the same soap which I received it one of my envy boxes and like it though it is costly for the full size
    Preethy@Prettykooll recently posted…Freeman Charcoal & Black Sugar Polishing Mask reviewMy Profile

    • I agree with you on this Preety that the full size soap is really expensive.

  22. The one thing I am not too fond of FE soaps is that they melt away in a jiffy.
    Sangeeta G recently posted…Wai Lana’s Alive Forever Video – An Unique Insight To Get Rid Of Anxiety of AgingMy Profile

    • Sangeeta I totally agree with you that FE soaps melt away too fast.But they are still worth trying.?

  23. Fantastic blog you got here,I enjoyed reading some of your posts.
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  24. I love Forest Essentials Ubtans…but will have to give this one a miss no matter how tempting it looks, because of the price tag! I will stick to tried and tested Soulfower soaps 🙂
    Richa recently posted…Hilton 100th Anniversary Celebrations | Imperial China Hilton International Airport Mumbai | Food Review | Restaurant ReviewMy Profile

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